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Featured on Jay Leno's Garage!

If It's Worth The Investment... It's Worth the Security!

This unique alarm system, which is protected by 4 patents and is licensed exclusively to Hard 2 Top Products, has been referred to as “The Next Generation in Convertible Vehicle Security and Safety” (see Jay Leno’s demonstration video in a segment from Jay’s Garage).

The installation of the Hard 2 Top System will not impair the normal operation of your convertible top and actually serves as additional insulation and protection from the elements and noise.

Talk with your present insurance underwriter, and ask them about additional premium credits for installing our system in your convertible.


Combining both the latest Entry Alarm Systems with Technically Advanced Highly Sensitive Entry Deterrent Materials, makes any forced entry into your convertible vehicle a very difficult task.  Combine conductive materials with Kevlar in the Hard 2 Top System, which integrates seamlessly into your vehicle alarm system, and you have a whole new ballgame (we can also make a separate alarm system with its own power supply if you prefer).


The Hard2Top stability of our integrated system reduces false alarms. The system reacts solely to any forced entry attempt.  That means no matter what someone uses to attempt to enter through the top, the alarm will sound.  Unlike many other products in the market, our system gives you peace of mind while delivering security for you, your family, your possessions and your car.


The Hard2Top system is so sensitive that penetration from an object as small as a pin causes the alarm’s activation. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is our #1 goal. We have developed a system that is intelligent and sensitive to the tiniest penetration and yet is not triggered by normal driving conditions, opening and closing the top or weather.