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Company History

First incorporated in 1998, Hard 2 Top Products, Inc., developed and refined a security product for multiple uses. The secure convertible top protecting both driver and contents of a vehicle was the first in development.  Hard 2 Top Products was able to create a full-size prototype for demonstration and marketing.  Today, multiple options are available with more being added every week.  For example, the CLK Mercedes, C-5 Corvette and the Porsche Boxter, just to name a few.  If you don’t see your top listed in our store, please contact us about building one for your specific model.

This proprietary technology creates a secure barrier, protecting occupants and contents of such vehicles and allows for the barrier to be linked with a security system. It is the only product currently on the market that integrates with a vehicle security system and offers the flexibility of soft-sides.

The company’s products offer the convenience of easy stowing and access, in addition to the security component essential to many consumers. The patented technology uses a material that is tear resistant and combines it with the latest in forced entry prevention electronics. The result is a system that is sensitive to something so small as a puncture from a common needle, thus sounding the alarm; but not so overly sensitive that it reacts to common occurrences such as wind or rain.

Meet our Team

Our company is led by a dynamic and experienced team of leaders who are at the top of their fields.

Roy Ramirez, Jr.

President & Founder

Roy Ramirez, Jr., is President and Founder and holds the key to relationships with distributors, installers and sales professionals developed over the past several years. These relationships are paving the way for Hard 2 Top Products to introduce long-anticipated developments into the market rapidly.

Robert Cottingham has extensive experience in the building, programming and repair of high-tech cutters and other industrial equipment used in the engineered materials market.  He has been an integral part of production/operations for international companies such as Levi Strauss and Assyst Bullmer.  His expertise and deep network of contacts in the production industry has fuled a faster, more efficient start-up, worker training phase and production.  Industrial assembly lines and quality control are no place for amateurs and Robert is one of a handful of people in the U.S. who understands the challenges and how to deliver quality products at a competitive price.

Richard Hastings was the first person Mr. Ramirez spoke to about his idea for a forced entry deterrent system.  Mr. Hastings has extensive experience in business start-ups as a consultant for internet platforms and manufacturing businesses.  He has a long history of marketing, including New Media, and spent 7 years traveling from coast to coast negotiating media contracts for major automotive dealerships after spending many years as a General Sales Manager for Clear Channel Media and Cox Communications.  Mr. Hastings is an attorney specializing in corporate contracts, entity formation and has experience dealing with the FDA on behalf of clients.  His extensive list of resources include a wide range of professionals and entrepreneurs who are invaluable in moving the organization through expansion and perhaps an IPO.

Trina Ramirez is the key to improvements in design for H2T.  She has spent many years working with husband Roy to refine the function and performance of the entry deterrence system and continues to contribute to quality control and upgrades in design.  She also has expertise and responsibilities in the area of product testing and focus groups.

Other Professionals:

R. Curtis Fischbach, Consultant for Special Programs and Advanced Research for Car Top Systems (CTS) of North America, formerly of General Motors Corporation, brings a lifetime of expertise in the automotive retractable top business.  As a result of his years as head of production and testing for Corvette, Mr. Fischbach has been able to provide invaluable insight into how a company can build add-on products for major automotive manufacturers.

Joni Stuart, CPA provides unique perspective and expertise in industrial production and marketing.  While living in Colorado, she and her attorney husband Mike partnered with an inventor to take his oil field product to market, build, then sell the highly successful company.  She also founded the Bridge Group, a forward looking virtual accounting firm using technology to leverage a flexible services package for businesses that increases efficiency and lowers cost.  In the initial phase we intend to use Joni for virtual accounting and HR services but she also is a highly qualified Chief Financial Officer.

Ronnie Schultz has been a member of the Master Guild & Mark of Excellence group throughout his entire automotive sales career.  These are sales recognition awards for the Top General Motors salespeople in the United States.  Ronnie has consistently been in the top10 GM salespeople in America.  He has said he would sell a minimum of 5,000 units a year himself or not take a paycheck.

Joe Villarreal is an Industrial Engineer and holds MBA’s from at least 2 institutions of higher education.  He has been in the sewn goods industry since the 1980’s, primarily with the Levi Strauss Company. He has held numerous management positions including Plant Manager at several Levi production facilities.  He has more recently been Chief Engineer for Ready One Industries where he managed all engineering for 5 locations and 3,000 workers.  Joe also ran his own successful manufacturing facility employing 75 people.

Nina Zheleva completed her Fashion Design Degree in Bulgaria in the 1990’s.  She has the unique ability to manufacture products from concept through various stages of manufacturing.  Additionally, she is an excellent teacher and will be a major asset in training the Base Group and creating training videos for future workers.  She has held major Senior Management positions in a Computer Aided Design firm and in the area of Customer Integration.

Richard Zahn, business consultant and grandson of retail legend C. R. Anthony. Richard’s background is in commercial and investment banking, venture capital and business consulting.  He is a Director on several company boards and has extensive experience in startups.  He was Chairman and, for the past 11 years, has served on the Board of the Oklahoma Venture Forum. He currently is Owner and Managing Director for Richard L Zahn Consulting.