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The Soft Top Problem

Insurance companies and individuals suffer huge losses each year because of vandalism, theft and accidental damage to traditional convertible tops. One of the main reasons why potential customers shy away from buying soft top convertible cars is because of their vulnerability to being broken into. The EDAS System significantly reduces this vulnerability by offering an alarm system and Kevlar (bullet proof vest material) sandwich within the standard roof mechanism.

A Patented Solution

The solution is an entry deterrent alarm system (EDAS) that protects the driver, the occupants and contents in the passenger compartment.  In the event of an attempted carjacking or theft, the perpetrator cannot simply cut the convertible top and reach in.  The patented Hard 2 Top innovation not only makes cutting the top for entry much more difficult, but most importantly, any attempt to enter through the top would set off the vehicle alarm system which seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s electronics.  Even an item as small as a straight pin entering the “alarm envelope” will set off the vehicle’s car alarm.


Hard 2 Top Products, Inc., has an exclusive license for the production of EDAS convertible tops AND the exclusive right to produce a Tonneau cover application for pickup trucks which is expected to be available by mid-2018.


H2T products are constructed of top quality materials including the latest Kevlar formulations and assembled in the United States in a facility located in the Kaw Nation Industrial Zone by highly skilled tradespeople. Expert workmanship is critical to ensure the finest quality and function designed to set your vehicle apart. Those who see the H2T logo know you are not an ordinary convertible owner and anyone who considers violating your vehicle should seriously consider moving on to an easier target.

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