How to Properly Maintain Your Soft Top Convertible

//How to Properly Maintain Your Soft Top Convertible

Everyone who owns a convertible knows the joy associated with taking your roadster out for a spin on a beautiful, warm sunny day.

However, everyone who owns a convertible also knows the embarrassment associated with rolling around on a chilly winter day with a dirty soft top.

For all of the four-seasoners out there who have to put their tops up sometimes, here’s a guide to help you keep your soft top looking great.


Detergent, bleach and other harsh chemicals will descenigrate the fabric used on your soft top. Alcohol and ammonia will cloud and dry out vinyl.

Replacing a soft top that’s been damaged by these materials can be extremely expensive, so be sure to avoid any of the above-listed chemicals when cleaning your soft top.

Clean Your Soft Top Every Time You Clean Your Car

Many people have darker soft tops and so the dirt may not be as noticeable on the soft top as it is on the rest of the car.

However, if you don’t clean the dirt out of the fibers in your soft top regularly, the dirt will become woven into the fiber and it will become extremely difficult to remove. Further, the dirt will deteriorate the strength of the fibers in your soft top like sandpaper. So be sure to clean your top every time you clean the rest of your car.

Use a Soft Brush and Soap that Doesn’t Contain ANY Detergents

When cleaning your soft top, be sure to use a soft brush so as not to rip the fibers in your cloth. Also use soap or shampoo  to try and remove all of the dirt built up in your top. However, it’s important to ensure that the soap you use doesn’t contain any detergent.

Use a Protective Spray

Finally, in an effort to prevent mildew or mold, you should use a protective spray on your soft top to make it water and fungus proof.

Following this guideline will allow you to continue feel joy in your roadster whether the tops up or down!