How To Properly Report A Car Theft

//How To Properly Report A Car Theft

Possessing valuables is certainly benefiting, however, they do come with a price. Caring for the security of costly stuff can be a real burden for some.

Having your own car is subjected to similar situations. It provides you with a great deal of ease and comfort, yet, keeps your mind busy with its security. Thanks to the car insurance plans as many of them are able to refund for the damages and theft incidents under various policies. However, it is crucial at the same time that a car theft is reported accurately and accordingly so that legal matters can proceed uninterruptedly.

How can I report car theft properly?

To proceed with the thing, firstly, make sure that your vehicle has actually been taken away as a crime. Many times cars are removed from their spots and towed to other places by the parking authorities. Standing in the parking lot near your car spot wondering where your vehicle is shall certainly leave you with thinking about embezzlement for most of the times.

Contact the local parking council to inquire whether they have towed your car or not. You can head to their office directly or channel through the helpline.

Once car theft is evident, here what you should do as the next step:

  1. Call the police:

Get the law’s involvement as soon as possible. The minute it has been confirmed that your car has been stolen, call the police. The sooner it is, the better are the chances of recovery. You shall be inquired about the vehicle’s details such as the VIN number (make sure you have it noted elsewhere), the model, the look, the spot it was parked the last time and from where it was taken away.

Also, getting the complaint registered at the police station is one of the most accurate methods for reporting any felony. Keep a copy of the complaint file with you safely.

  1. Contact the insurance agency:

After having registered the complaint, now is the time to call the car insurance people to inform them that you are no longer in possession of the vehicle. Here, you must bear in mind that you need to abide by the recovery policy your insurance company offers. The portion of the total value of your car that an insurance agency reimburses varies greatly, and in accordance to the kind of damage caused to your vehicle.

Vehicle damages that involve your fault will have insurance coverage to the extent of medical and damage expenses, and also that for the other party. That is the policy followed by most, however, you need to discuss to know the ones set by your insurance agency.

  1. Conduct your own search meanwhile:

Sometimes, waiting to hear back from the police takes a considerable amount of time, and not everyone has the patience to keep up with the waiting period after their vehicle has been stolen. In that case, keep up searching for your car at the online selling forums, for example, Craigslist.