How to Protect Your Soft Top from Nature

//How to Protect Your Soft Top from Nature

Driving with your convertible top down can lead to some amazing experiences.  Whether your convertible have a hard top or soft top, it is important to maintain your convertible’s roof so that you can enjoy it for years to come.  These are some quick tips to help you keep your soft top in great condition.

Keep it Covered

While your top is easily able to handle light weather, the best way to maintain it and your vehicle as a whole is to keep it parked in a covered garage whenever possible rather than leaving it outside where it will be vulnerable to weather and the elements.  The best way to keep your top in the best of conditions is not to expose it to weather that will potentially damage or ruin it.  While this isn’t an option for everyone, it is the best way to extend the longevity of your convertible’s soft top.

Don’t Leave Nature on Your Top

If you are unable to keep your top in a covered space or garage, make sure to tend to it regularly so that natural droppings such as snow and leaves don’t have the opportunity to damage it.  The added weight can stretch the fabric or vinyl of the soft top over time. This means that you will have a stretched and less form-fitting top when the weather improves. As unappealing as it may sound to have to tend to your convertible top in poor weather conditions, it is best for the maintenance of your top and will be worth it.

Regularly Spray Your Top with Water

Take the time to regularly rinse your soft top with water. This will prevent buildup and keep it clean from dust, leaves, bug parts, and other everyday items that would keep it from looking its best.  You should also check and see if the water is beading on the top or if it is being absorbed by the fabric.  If it is being absorbed, it would be best to condition it and coat it in waterproofing protectant.

Clean and Condition Your Top

It is best for the health of your soft top that you clean and condition it regularly.  Keep in mind that unlike vinyl tops, fabric tops are not waterproof, so they will need to be sprayed with a special waterproofing protectant in order to shield them from water damage and prevent them from leaking.  You’ll want to get appropriate cleaning products that service your type of top.  It is also important to condition your top before the winter months set in to help it resist the colder temperatures.


We all want to maintain our cars so that we can get the most service out of them for what we pay.  Part of maintaining your car is maintaining your convertible is caring for its top.  The easiest way to prevent it from getting damaged is to keep it covered in a garage.  But if that isn’t available to you, make sure to check that nature droppings don’t pile too heavy on top of it.  Consider how you can take better care of your soft top this year and keep it as functional as the day you bought it.