How to Protect Yourself from Car Theft

//How to Protect Yourself from Car Theft

Cars are one of the most expensive investments that most Americans undertake. Because of this, cars often become prime targets for thieves, both for the vehicles themselves and the valuables often stashed within. With car theft having been on the rise for several years, it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your investments from being stolen.

Don’t Ever Leave Your Car Running Unattended

This may seem obvious, but it is the easiest way to prevent automobile theft. Thieves are on the prowl for the easiest targets they can find, and no target is easier than taking a unattended car with the keys still in the ignition. When you leave your car unattended, there is nothing keeping anyone from taking your vehicle. The risk is not worth the few seconds saved from leaving your car running.

Make Sure Your Car is Locked

This is another tactic that seems obvious to protect yourself from thieves, but it is still often forgotten. Leaving your car unlocked gives anyone free access to the insides of your vehicle and any possessions within. Car thieves often target locations such as universities because they are large collections of vehicles, most of which used by young adults that are more likely to leave their doors unlocked. By taking a few seconds every time you leave your car to make sure that it is locked, you better reduce your chance of being stolen from and protecting your possessions.

Be Aware of Your Keys

It does not matter if you remember to lock your doors though if a car thief is able to get their hands on your keys. As car security measures continue to advance, this becomes a continually more alluring way for thieves to gain access to your vehicle. Keep in mind where your keys are on your person while you are out, and make sure you keep track of who has your spare keys or where they are stored.

Park in the Right Place

When it comes to where you park, visibility is a key determinant on where the best parking place is. Parking under lights can keep thieves away when it is dark outside because they do not want to be seen. When you go to restaurants, park near windows. If you don’t sit near a window, those who are may see the potential thief and try to stop them. The more people that can see your car, the less likely it is to be stolen.

Hide Your Belongings

Even if a thief doesn’t take your car, they can take your valuables. The best defense for this is to not keep your belongings in your vehicle, but if you do, hide them. More importantly, hide them well. Thieves are aware that valuables can be hidden under coats and other less-valuable items, and they may break into your car even if they cannot see your valuables willing to take the gamble.

Install Anti-Theft Devices

There is a reason that many insurance companies are willing to offer discounts to people with anti-theft devices installed in their cars. Anti-theft devices can better secure your vehicles and belongings to help guarantee you don’t become a victim.


Cars are a valuable asset that need to be protected. No matter how obvious it may seem, performing these simple tasks can help prevent you from becoming a victim of automobile theft. Thieves look for the easiest target they can find. By performing these simple tasks, you make sure that you are not that target. By protecting your assets, you better protect yourself, your vehicle, and you valuables.