Is It Time to Upgrade Your Car Alarm System?

//Is It Time to Upgrade Your Car Alarm System?

Car alarms provide security to your car, and every car owner is aware of the importance of a reliable car alarm system. The main purpose of a car alarm is to deter car theft, but a bigger question here is what is a reliable alarm system and is it necessary to have one? Typically, a reliable car alarm system should be able to prevent car theft and should have strong sensors to sound an alarm whenever an unusual motion is detected. The importance of a good car alarm system cannot be underestimated. It prevents thieves from stealing your car or even trying to take away parts such as the car’s wheels or the stereo system.

Now if you already have an alarm system, there are few signs that can help you gauge if you need to upgrade to a better car security system. Some signs being:

  • Is your alarm system very old and have wires that thieves can easily access and cut?
  • Are the sensors too weak to send the correct singles to the alarm control unit? All alarm systems have a control unit. The sensors speak to the control unit and send signals. This in-turn sounds an alarm. So if your car sounds the alarm for no reason or does not sound at all, then it is an indication that the control unit is weak.
  • Does the alarm have shock sensors or car alarm door sensors? To protect the glass, door, front, and back of your car, it is important to have shock sensors. The alarm triggers as soon as the sensors detect any vibration on the car.

These are few basic and key requirements in a car alarm system. If you don’t have them, then it is time for an upgrade?

Nowadays, there are many alarm manufacturing brands that provide hi-tech car alarm features. Finding the right system for your car model is important. Whatever brand you want to go with, ensure that you verify that your car model is right for it. You could also contact your car dealer and check for car alarm upgrades.

As technology advances, car alarms are becoming more theft secure. They come with multiple features and depending on the security you need, you could choose from a variety of options. Many alarm systems include a package with some of the following features:

  • Anti-carjacking alarm which gives you the control to switch off the ignition from anywhere
  • Shock sensors siren whenever a jolt is detected
  • Car finder feature that allows you to locate your car with a button
  • Phone compatible alarms that connect the alarm to your mobile phone to get alerts whenever someone meddles with your car
  • Encrypted key technology
  • Keyless entry makes it hard for thieves to break into your car
  • GPS enabled alarm systems

Selecting the right alarm system is extremely crucial for your car security. Whatever alarm system you choose, we recommend that you carefully evaluate the features, and then make your final decision.