Polishing vs. Waxing a Car

//Polishing vs. Waxing a Car

Many people think that, when you’re talking about cars, polishing and waxing are interchangeable or achieve the same effects. This is not the case. Because of the differences in what they accomplish, the question is not which is the better practice; the appropriate question is which practice is better for your set of circumstances. Both polishing and waxing your car at appropriate times is going to help maintain it best.


Before you make the decision to wax or polish your car, it is best to give it a good wash. A clean car is the best starting point to making this decision. Note that it is best to get tools that are made for cleaning cars rather than standard cleaning supplies you have lying around the house. After washing the car, you’ll want to scan the paint looking for swirls, scratches, water spots, rock chips, parts of bugs, or chunks of bird poop.


If you find these types of unwanted stains or contaminants, polishing your vehicle would be the best next course of action. Polishing your car helps it retain its smooth shape and can help restore an oxidized paint job. Once again, you want to use proper tools for polishing your car. Car polish comes in cream, spray, or liquid forms.

Once you give your vehicle a strong polish, the next question you should ask yourself is if it still looks shiny. If you are satisfied with your car’s shine, then you are done. If not, then you should continue maintenance on your car with a fresh coat of wax.


If you have decided to try to renew your car’s shine, wax is the tool you need. Once again, wax comes in cream, spray, and liquid forms. Waxing your car protects the paint by leaving a protective layer that helps to make your car’s paintwork shine. Many varieties of car wax also protect from UV radiation from the sun to prevent further fading. Waxing your vehicle every few months helps maintain that desired shine that many people enjoy seeing.


The big question isn’t which is better between polishing and waxing your car, but which is necessary at the time to best maintain your vehicle. After a car wash, you could decide that your car needs neither, one, or both. It is situational maintenance for your car to help it look its best. Remember to keep in mind that the best way to achieve the desired effect on your vehicle is to use the proper tools that are made for cars. The next time you wash your car, take a good look at the surface and decide what the best course of maintenance is.