The Best Car Alarm System

//The Best Car Alarm System

Car alarms are part of the annoying sounds of life when it accidentally goes off, but it serves a major purpose. Just about every car has an alarm in the event someone is trying to break into the vehicle. For the older cars that don’t have the alarm systems, people will want to install one. It should not come too cheap and have good features that are usable. Here are some of the best car alarm systems to buy.

Prestige APS997E

The Prestige has a lot of the necessary features to protect the car such as a remote starter, two-way messenger, and GPS. The range is about 2,500 feet, but that is plenty of distance for many people. It has four auxiliary ports that allow users to expand their security settings to include sensors for glass breakage, automatic trunk sensors, and any other unusual movements around the vehicle.

Avital 5305L

 It is an affordable system with high-end features including two-way messaging and a remote ignition. For those times of being too hot or cold and you want to car to start up now, the remote ignition helps a lot as that is the trend new cars are going with. The Avitalincludes a dual-stage sensor and 120-dB siren as high-end alarms to pick up on light and damage to the car. The two-way remote features an LCD display to give different types of alerts.


The new car alarms are now smartphone compatible and the CarLock is part of that list of such car tracking alarms. It comes from two parts: a cellular-based OBD device, and the necessary app on the smartphone. The device has sensors to catch any strange vibrations such as tools that could force open doors or break the windshields. It then alerts you of the engine starts and the car begins to move. Users can set it up to alert drivers if the car speeds or brakes too suddenly. Instead of being close to it, it can alert users wherever they are, even if not in the city.

Python 5706P

This has a high-end alarm with Double Gaurd shock sensors and the Revenger six-tone 120-dB siren with four aux outputs that allows installation of similar features mentioned above to expand the car’s security. Plus, the Python locks car’s gears and they can’t be shifted without having the key in the ignition and turning it on. The car will even shut itself after 15 to 20 minutes when a timer is set instead of letting it run while it is motionless.

Car alarm systems are more important now because carjackers are finding easier and creative ways to pick in and steal whatever valuables are inside and hotrod the engine without a key. These systems prevent the basic and complex ways a car can be manipulated for thieves to get inside or to alert you when there is damage to the car.