The Perfect Car Alarm System

//The Perfect Car Alarm System

Car alarms are a modern staple in automobiles. Their purpose is to deter car thieves from taking the vehicle. Car alarms have greatly changed and advanced in the last century and has brought us to today with the newest car protection systems.

The First Car Alarm

The first car alarm was invented by a Denver prisoner in 1913. A mechanic, he devised a system that would release loud siren sounds when the car was started. This was a manual system with the purpose to fill the potential thief with terror and attract attention, the same purpose modern car alarm systems have.

Mass Production

Fast forward to the 1970s where alarm systems started becoming more popular to deter theft. Most alarms were aftermarket units that were installed by the car owner or the alarm manufacturer. These alarms were still rather simple, and did not deter most thieves since outside cables that connected the alarm to the battery could easily be removed.

The Modern Car Alarm

The modern car alarm system is the one every driver today is familiar with. While an industry standard and more technologically advanced, it can be debated whether or not even the modern car alarm system deters most automobile thefts. In the modern day, few people pay car alarms more attention than any other sound they hear in the city and even fewer call the authorities to report the alarms going off.

Hard2Top’s Alarm System

Hard2Top has developed and patented a new alarm system to protect convertibles. Insurance companies and individuals suffer huge losses each year because of vandalism, theft, and accidental damage to traditional convertible tops. Hard2Top’s new entry deterrent alarm system not only makes cutting the top for entry much more difficult, but more importantly, any attempt to enter through the top would set off the vehicle alarms system which seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s electronic systems. Even an item as small as a straight pin entering the alarm envelope will set off the car alarm. By increasing the difficulty for potential thieves to get into the vehicle as well as having the alarm go off if they do gives convertibles a new layer of protection they have never had before.


Car alarms have made many advancements in the last century and can now be found in nearly every modern automobile. The next step is an entry deterrent alarm system that prevents would-be thieves from ever getting inside the vehicle. As further technology is developed, consumers and their possessions become more and more protected, creating a more secure investment.